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Brand: Bailie
The 302W is the most popular grip of Bailie.
It is the standard width grip and uses 1 ½” strap with Velcro to attach the grip to the wrist.
The Velcro strap allows the gymnast to vary the adjustment on the wrist to their desire.
In addition, it comes with a removable neoprene insert that helps pad the wrist and prevent wrist irritation.
The 302W comes in sizes 00- 3.
This dowel grip is recommended for gymnasts at any level of competitive gymnastics.


Size: 00 up to 12.5 cm
Size: 0 12.5 to 14 cm
Size: 1 14 to 15.25 cm
Size: 2 15.25 cm to 17 cm
Size: 3 17 to 18.2 cm

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