About Us

The company AJISAI was founded in 2007.

The founder of the company is Anna Shabsis, the Israeli champion in rhythmic gymnastics in 2000. She was also the Russian cup in 1994 among Juniors. She was a member of the Israeli rhythmic gymnastics team 1996-2000.

As a gymnast and later as a coach in Israel, Anna Shabsis personally experienced the difficulties in obtaining professional items and accesories quality, colour and size of whch could meet the rules of modern gymnastics. As a cosequence, there was made the desicion to change the situation in the country and to give consumers in Israel the possibility to choose from wide spectrum of items and accesories for rhythmic gymnastics. Now anyone can easily buy the items of the most famous companies in this field produced according to the FIG standards.

In her long career in rhythmic gymnastics, Anna Shabsis has acquired the knowledge which she now gladly shares with others by helping to choose the right item for a particular gymnast, cosidering her height, the skills level and the age - exectly what a particular gymnast needs at the moment.

Among the products of the company AJISAI are the equipment of such world leading companies in rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, dance and ballet as SASAKI, CHACOTT, PASTORELLI and others. The company AJISAI offers the leotards, clothes and shoes as well as music compositions for exercises and training.

Besides all that, the company AJISAI constantly analyzes the consumer market in the world, giving its clients the possibilty to get up-to-date information and to buy the latest accessories.