Air track 10 m 10*3*0.4 m

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Size: 10x3x0.4 m

Measures 10*3*0.4m.
blue top surface with sky bue marking lines and skyblue sides
Includes transport cover, instructions and repair kit


These instructions apply to all inflatable products from ESTHER SPORT AirTrack. The products will be described hereafter as Air
Air tracks are custom-designed training equipment for home gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, school sports,
martial arts, parkour, free running and tricking.
Do not use shoes on an air track as it may damage the surface. If a better grip is desired, use grip socks.
Never place an Air track near/under overhead obstacles, such as trees, power lines, overhead garage trusses or the
like, and do not place the Air track on a slope.
Do not bring sharp objects onto or near an Air track.
Avoid jumping or landing closer than 20cm from a valve.
Make sure that the product has sufficient air pressure to prevent damage. Recommended air pressure levels are
found in this manual.
Do not use an Air track without using landing mats at both ends. For safety reasons, you must also place landing mats
on the sides.
The area in which the Air track is located must be clean, dry, flat and free from obstacles and sharp objects.
When moving the Air track, do not pull it along the ground. Lift it by using the handles and avoid scraping or dragging
Do not inflate your Air track in damp places near electricity.
Do not use the Air track in the rain. This can be dangerous as the surface becomes slippery in the rain.
IMPORTANT! Do not expose the Air track to heat, including heat from prolonged exposure to the sun.
If you leave your Air track outdoors, it is recommended to adjust the air pressure to a minimum to reduce the risk of
overpressure in hot weather (heat may cause excessive pressure which may cause a breaking of joints).
Please note that the Air track gets firmer in warm weather and loses pressure when subjected to less heat.
When installing the Air track outdoors, use an underlay to avoid damaging your Air track.
Do not store or transport an Air track when it is wet.
Clean the Air track with water and soft soap. Do not use industrial cleaners.
Never use a damaged Air track.
Never leave an Air track without making sure the pressure is low, due to heat development, as described in this
Please note that Air tracks are not intended as landing mats.
Avoid pumping your Air track up to a level more than hard.
Always pump up your Air track under supervision.
It takes the same amount of time to deflate the Air track as it does to inflate it.

ESTHER SPORT Air tracks are produced with the purpose of home training, gymnastics, acrobatics, cheerleading,
tumbling, martial arts and parkour.

The product can be used by anyone, regardless of weight, age or proficiency level.
Note that an Air track cannot be used as a landing pad, due to its bounce effect.
To ensure the best training, it is important that you find the right pressure.
HARD - At high pressure, you create a dead floor, as used at competitive level.
MEDIUM - At lower pressure you get the feeling of a better bounce, which helps you train your jumps.
SOFT - Even lower air pressure is recommended for play and fun or gymnastics at the beginner level.
The optimal pressure in the Air track is different from person to person, and it depends on weight,
proficiency level and the kind of activities that are performed.
The best solution for optimum pressure is to stand on the Air track and feel how it is, making sure that you
can’t push it all the way down when you jump. If you’re unsure whether you have enough air pressure in
the Air track, pump some more air in it.

Make sure that you have read the safety instructions carefully before setting up
Find a good, flat area for the Air track. To avoid damage, make sure that there are no sharp objects in the area. If you
use the Air track outside, always use an underlay.
Move the Air track (still in the storage bag) to the desired location.
Remove the Air track from the storage bag and unfold it.
Put the pump into the socket and connect it to one of the valves (it doesn’t matter which valve, as they are all
Turn on the pump and wait for the Air track to reach the desired pressure.
Turn the pump off and unplug it.
For fine-tuning the air pressure, press the valve to decrease pressure. For higher pressure, pump again (item 5).
Ready for use.

The following instructions outline how to care for your Air track after use.
Plug the pump into the wall socket
The pump can inflate and deflate. Move the tube to the other end of the pump for deflation.
Connect the pump to one of the valves and turn on the pump.
For manual pumping, press the valve and start rolling to push the air out of the Air track.
Flip the Air track upside down (centre stripe side down to the ground/floor). Now, fold it 2 times, (one side to the
centre line then the other side to the centre line)
Then roll the Air track and put it in the storage bag
For larger size air tracks we recommend using a trolley to move around.

Losing air?
It is not unusual for an Air track to need a regulation of pressure. In particular, when using it outdoors, you
may need to adjust the pressure several times a day. This is not because it is leaking; it is simply a law of
nature (hot air takes up more space than cold air).
For example, if you pump up your Air track in cloudy weather, the pressure will rise if the sun comes out.
The reverse is also true – the Air track will lose pressure if pumped up in the sunshine and then the sun
goes away. This may seem a lot when going from a hot summer day to a cool night, so don’t worry that it’s
leaking – it isn’t.
If the Air track loses an unusually high amount of pressure, check that the valves are closed properly by
giving them a quick push. If it continues to lose air pressure, check it for holes or cracks – maybe it has
been exposed to minor damage. (For repair of holes/cracks see – 8. Repair.)

Do you need an underlay for the Air track when using outdoors?
We always recommend that you protect your Air track when using it outdoors, so you might use blankets,
tarpaulins, or purchase our specially manufactured protective underlay.
It takes the same amount of time to deflate the Air track as it does to inflate it.

1. Return or exchange for goods within 14 working days of receipt of goods presenting the receipt of payment for goods.

2. Item must be in its original packaging intact.

3. Hair accessories, outdoor makeup, underwear, half shoes and clothing can not be returned.