Tights for training and for competition


There are several kinds of tights designed for sports and dance: footless tights for children and adults (without foot, shaped like long leggins), tights with open heel and toes of 2 types - one made of nylon and other made of very thin Lycra, stirrup tights (same as footless tights, but with strap in the middle of the foot), tights from net for ballroom dancing, convertible tights with hole on foot for dances (convertible from usual tights into footless lights), figure skating tights - 3D over boot tights, and also tights decorated with rhinestones.

Our recommendations

For rhythmic gymnastics it is very comfortable to wear tights under shorts for training. Firstly, tights protect gymnast's skin from contact with the carpet during training, secondly, it is very useful to wear shorts all over year and put tights under shorts when becomes cold. Thirdly, wearing tights make gymnast's legs toned and long.