FLY JUNIOR Backpack Bag

  • Color: black, violet, pink, dark blue
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Price : $44.84

Dimensions: 37x21x46 cm

Backpack bag with handle. It has a pocket with zipper closure in the front and an easy-cinch drawcord.

The flatbed is in semiflex with bottom compartment which can hold shoes.

The bag can be laid on the ground without the risk of ruining the fabric.

The PASTORELLI printing is in relief and it is made of glitters.

By removing the reinforcement in semiflex of the flatbed, your bag can also be used as a hand-luggage on the plane, taking care, in this case, not to

forget your stick inside!


1. Return or exchange for goods within 14 working days of receipt of goods presenting the receipt of payment for goods.

2. Item must be in its original packaging intact.

3. Hair accessories, outdoor makeup, underwear and clothing can not be returned.