Leotard models for all kinds of dances and all kinds of sports

On our website you can purchase leotards of different models designed for various sports and dances: leotards for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, leotards for dance and ballet, leotards for acrobatics and general gymnastics, leotards for figure skating and roller skating, as well as leotards for home fitness etc.
Leotard is a main part of the wardrobe for a girl who practices in any kind of gymnastics or dance. It sits perfectly on the figure due to the elasticity of tissue, so all the muscles are visible. Girl looks taut when putting on a leotard for training.

How to choose a  leotard?
First decide in choosing fabrics of the leotard. In our shop there are leotards made of different fabrics: cotton, lycra, microfiber and velvet lycra.

Lycra leotard made ​​of synthetic material. The lycra material stretches well and sits well on the figure. It shines a little bit and looks bright.
Cotton leotard made ​​from a natural material with a small % of Lycra for stretch. So cotton leotard also sits very well on figure and it is very soft. It is a pleasure to feel cotton on the body.
Leotard made ​​of microfiber gives the product extraordinary lightness. Microfiber leotard keeps warmth and has another advantage: the liquid does not penetrate into microfiber threads and therefore sweat stains are invisible on the leotard. Microfiber leotard does not fade after washing and fast drying.
Velvet leotard made ​​of elastic soft velvet material, good stretches, pleasing to the body and look festive and elegant. On our site you can find velvet leotards from GK, and combined models of two kinds of fabrics: Lycra and velvet also from GK brand.

Leotard models
There are several models of leotard: leotard with a skirt or without it, leotard with long sleeves, with short sleeves or with straps. For cold weather or for gyms with air conditioner it is better to wear leotard with sleeves. You can also use a leotard with shoulder straps, but then you can put long-sleeved shirt or wrap top. For the hot weather it is better to wear leotard with short sleeves or straps.

Leotard size for girls begins from 6 to 16, in some models from 6 to 14.
The sizes for women are S, M, L.

In order to choose a leotard of the correct size you have to check your size. Take centimeter ribbon and measure the body circumference as shown in the photo. Then check your size accordance to this chart.
Leotard size chart

Leotard colors
On our website you can find leotards of simple colors: black, white, pink, etc. And there are variety of colorful leotards with attractive applications, prints, sparkles or Swarovski crystals.

Our recommendations
If a girl does rhythmic gymnastics, for the first year when she is 3-4 years old, you can buy a leotard with a skirt. Tights without foot with or tights with a hole in the heel can be worn under the leotard. (Advised not to wear pantyhose for trainings because a gymnast can slip. Naked foot or heel will help to avoid this). You can wear leggings or shorts over the leotard.
For the second year of practice, when gymnast begins to learn more complex elements of gymnastics, the skirt can interfere. Therefore it is recommended to buy a leotard without any skirts and wear it with tights, shorts or leggings. If cold, tights without fot or without heel can be put under the shorts.

If a girl does artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline, the skirt can interfere, so it is better to purchase leotard without skirts. Any leotard can be fitted: long sleeve, short sleeve, straps or wide straps. Usually shorts or long tights are put over the leotard.

It is important to wear a sports uniform for any sports training or dancing. Wearing sports form gives a serious attitude to training. The girl looks toned and feels a real athlete or dancer. It is not recommended to go to the gym in casual clothes. It is important to feel comfortable and beautiful during training.