Procedures for leotards renting

1. Leotard renting per 1 day (not including the day before and the day after the date of leotard use) . Each additional day 50 NIS.
2. Payment for leotard renting should be made on the day when taking a leotard. In addition the customer should live the security check postdated for 3 days on the difference in the purchase price of the leotard.
(For example, If the price of the leotard is 500 NIS, 100 NIS will be payed as prepayment for renting, and the security check for 400 NIS will be laid).
If you do not return the rented leotard on the appointed day or the returned leotard is damaged, dirty or torn, the check will be deposited.
3. When receiving leotard for renting, the picture of the leotard will be sent to the customer by email or by  SMS and the customer should confirm the picture receipt.
It will be done to confirm which leotard is taken for rent.