Artistic gymnastics equipment from world leading company SPIETH gymnastics

Vaulting Table Ergojet Rio

Uneven bars 'Bern'

Ring frame competition 'Berlin'

Competition balance beam ‘Soft Touch’

Springboard competition 'Hard' FIG

Foam vaulting table

Springboard Ergotramp

Springboard competition 'Soft'

Top competition parallel bars "Melbourne"

Springboard 'Budapest'

Horizontal bar 'Club'

Top competition pommel horse

Run-up Track

Free Excercise Floor 'Moscow'

Vaulting Table "Ergojet Club"

Training balance beam on low feet 500 cm

Tumbling Track Moscow with Springs 14 m

Run-up and jumping device

Horizontal Bar "Stuttgart"

Tumbling Track Moscow 12 m (self assembly set)

Freestanding uneven bars 'Club'


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