Hoop wrapping rhythmic gymnastics and for hula hoop

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Rhythmic gymnastics hoop of any type will be designed and wrapped according to your leotard or
acording to your wish which you can discribe by words.

After payment for the service, you should send us a picture of your leotard and we will design the hoop according to it.
Design will be done within 7 working days.
The service doesn't include the hoop. You can bring or send us your hoop or you can choose the new hoop on our website.


Before you leave the hoop for wrapping, make sure it is clean and unwrapped.

If your hoop is decorated with old adhesive tapes, you need to remove and clean the hoop.

How to remove old adhesive tapes from hoop

Remove adhesive tapes starting from the point where it ended.

Take the end of adhesive tape, unstick it from the hoop towards the starting point.

Once you have removed all the old  adhesive tapes, sticky stains and traces will remain from the the previous wrapping.

Tip: how to clean sticky spots from the hoop after removing the old adhesive tapes

Take cotton wool and moisten it with sunflower oil. Wipe your hoop with the cotton.

You would not believe it: the hoop will be smooth and clean, like a new one!

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2. Item must be in its original packaging intact.

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