How to choose the right rope for rhythmic gymnastics. How to cut ends and make your rope of the right size

How to choose a rope
AJISAI provides a vast variety of ropes in different size, width, firmness, made of materials like nylon and polyester.
If the gymnast is used to heavy and thick ropes it’s recommended to purchase a SASAKI’s nylon ropes model M-280 or polyester rope model M-242. Those are the heaviest ropes with a 1cm diameter of a very good quality.

The CHACOTT and PASTORELLI ropes are also made of nylon but with a smaller diameter, therefore they’re lighter.

There are also SASAKI Junior ropes: fluorecent Junior rope M-240 or spiral rope M-241. These ropes are made of polyester; They are comfortable and relatively cheap. They’re purposed for little gymnasts or beginners up to 10 years old.

How to cut a rope
Usually the ropes size is over 3m, that’s why it is necessary to trim the rope according to the gymnast’s height. In order to find the right length for the rope, you need to tie one end of the rope, stand on the rope so the knotted end reaches her shoulder. The other knot is done over the other shoulder. You must cut the rest of the rope.
Nylon rope must be processed with fire immidiately after you cut it.

The ropes are made of special thread, which is easily shrunk with moisture.
Please note the followings:
* Do not hand wash.
* Do not use the dryer mashine.
* Wipe sweat or stain by dry cloth.
* Do not leave it in moist place for a long time
* Do not leave the sweat on product after performance.

For maintenance:
* Please swipe sweat or stain with a dry cloth and dry them in the shade. Then keep them in a dry place.