How to choose the right ball for rhythmic gymnastics, how to inflate and how to store

How to choose a ball for rhythmic gymnastics?
    Balls come in 3 sizes. Small ball with 13-15cm diameter of Sasaki or Chacott, medium ball of Chacott with 17 cm deameter and standard ball with 18.5 cm diameters of Sasaki or Chacott.
    When purchasing a ball, keep in mind the girl’s height and level of technique. If the girl is tall or advanced for her age, it’s advised to take a standard ball early on. Any way, the girl must be comfortable holding the ball in her palm.


How to take care of a ball for rhythmic gymnastics?
    Keep the ball inside the worm hat or special cover. It will help you to guard its size despite the cold temperature in winter.
    Usually if you put the ball in a cold environment it can lose some of its size, so the hat or a cover will protect it.
It’ll also prevent the ball from scratching inside your bag.
    You can also purchase a ball cover of Chacott or Pastorelli in the category "Acessories" of this site.

How to inflate a ball for rhythmic gymnastics?
    The ball shouldn’t be too inflated, because it won’t be comfortable to hold it and it’ll jump too high. On the other hand, if the ball isn’t inflated enough it won’t jump at all. To inflate or deflate the ball in any moment it’s recommended to buy a small and easy to use ball pomp from Sasaki and CHACOTT.
   It is impossible to use a regular pomp for balls.(only saski or chacott pmp

The warranty periods for Sasaki, Chacott balls  

Equipment Breakdown Warranty period Standard service life
Ball  ball air valve 2 months 1 year