Undersuit for rhythmic gymnastics competition leotards

Junior panty 601

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Junior Body Foundation CHACOTT


Foundation Underwear Sasaki


Panties SASAKI #202


Top SASAKI F-251


Leotard underwear SASAKI F-250


Top Foundation CHACOTT


Panties SASAKI #281


Leotard underwear open back SASAKI F-255


Junior panty SASAKI J-199


Body foundation open back CHACOTT


Beige MIDI panties


Body Foundation without stitches CHACOTT


Top SASAKI with clear straps and cup pocket F-253


Beige top for training and competition


Black MIDI panties


Skin color top


Leotard underwear

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Skin colored panties

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Lady's panty 501

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White MINI panties for competition

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Body with open back

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