Compression products

Advantages of medical compressive products

modern equipment and technologies are used for weaving compressive products and their subsequent thermal processing.
each size of the products is woven on the equipment of the corresponding diameter.
compression level of the products is set in strict compliance with medical requirements.
the products pass a compulsory test - monitoring of the gradable distribution of compression.
production of compressive stockinet makes high demands of the materials used for production. The products are woven from the filaments recommended by the European Standard RAL GZ for medical goods.

The highly elastic LYCRA double layer filament is the main elastic component of the medical compressive stockinet. It is the LYCRA filament that provides compressive properties to the products - the basis of their curative effect. Long socks, stockings and tights with application of the LYCRA filament have high strength and stretching properties that secure their better fitting. Such products do not hinder movements and retain their shape for a long time.
The multifilament microfiber is the new generation polyamide filament. These fibres are ten times thinner than the natural silk fibres, thirty times thinner than cotton, forty times thinner than natural wool and one hundred times thinner than human hair. Application of this microfiber provides the compressive products with softness and durability. They provide the feeling of comfort when worn, creating the "second skin" effect. The linen made of the multifilament microfiber "breathes", is hygroscopic, dries fast, is easily washed and has high wearing qualities. Application of microfiber provides the velvety touch to the compressive products. They are less transparent, stronger and warmer than tights, stockings or long socks made of ordinary fibre.

The heel zone is strengthened additionally that extends the service life of the products.
Flat seams secure comfort when worn.
Dense structure of the products, in combination with the correctly selected scale of colours, well conceals varicose veins and allows creating additional comfort when worn.
The products are produced on 1 and 2 gro wth: 1 height 158-170 см (A-G 65-73), 2 height 170-182 см (A-G 74-82). All these allow us to create the models, which combine the curative effect, the enhanced comfort when worn, as well as durability and elegant look of the products.

According to the compression degree, the products are subdivided into:
Prophylactic products - up to 18 mm Hg
1st class of compression - 18-21 mm Hg
2nd class of compression - 23-32 mm Hg