Elastic medical belt for holding ribs

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Brand: TONUS ELAST, made in Latvia
Compound of raw materials: polyester – 55%, latex – 45%.
With firm inserts and velcro fastener.

Application: elastic chest fixation, pre- and post-surgical support of internal organs and pain relief.

Sizes table:


Size          c, cm
1 S 68-81
2 M 82-96
3 L 97-112
4 XL 113-127

This belt is designed for flexible fixation of the chest in cases of rib trauma, and supporting of the internal organs and muscle
tissue before and after chest surgery.

Medical indications for use
For treatment of various diseases: non-penetrative traumas of the chest, fractures and injuries of ribs.
In the pre- and post-operative period: reduction of rehabilitation period after chest surgery.
Prophylaxis: for pain reduction, increased expansion volume of lungs, prevention of emphysema, pneumosclerosis and other chest pathologies.

Technique of application:
The medical elastic belt for rib trauma can be used in a hospital, clinic, or home environment.  The correct size can be selected by measuring your chest circumference and referring to the sizing guide on the packaging.  The belt should be worn on top of cotton linen.  The product is supplied with a Velcro fastening, allowing the wearer to select the degree of belt compression.  To wear the product it is recommended to lie flat on a hard or semi-hard surface.  Breathe out deeply, and fasten the belt tightly around your chest with the Velcro fastening.  When wearing this belt, you should experience a sensation of light compression of the chest.  Do not overtighten the belt, as it is necessary to maintain a good blood supply to the soft tissues.  It is recommended to seek medical advice regarding the daily usage period, normally between 2 and 24 hours.  Consult your doctor if use of the belt causes discomfort and pain.

Contra-indications: individual incompatibility with raw materials of the product, local skin diseases, penetrative rib traumas.

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