Leggins for training and for competition

On our website you can find various types of tights and leggings, suitable for training in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and trampolines, jazz dance and ballet, ballroom dancing and figure skating.


There are several types of leggings in black color: long leggings made of cotton with a small percent of lycra (5%). Cotton leggins thanks to soft cotton are pleasing to the body, and thanks to the lycra in a fabric tights well keep their shape, stretch well and sit perfectly in the figure. Also there is a mid-calf leggings, mid thigh leggins, and short leggins.
In addition there are several new model of short leggings - colored short leggings of different shades: white, blue, pink, orange and others, velvet shorts from GK brand and short tights from  CHACOTT brand.

Our recommendations

For rhythmic gymnastics it is very comfortable to wear tights under shorts for training. Firstly, tights protect gymnast's skin from contact with the carpet during training, secondly, it is very useful to wear shorts all over year and put tights under shorts when becomes cold. Thirdly, wearing tights make gymnast's legs toned and long.