Leotard with color transition from silver to bordo model Tricolor Bordo for artistic gymnastics

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Size: 16 (body circle 123-127)

Leotard for artistic gymnastics. Also can be used for acrobatics, general gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, figure skating.
Material: lycra
Color: silver-pink-bordo

Recommendations for washing leotards:
1. Only hand wash in cool water 30 degrees using a shampoo (to keep a leotard gloss).
2. Rinse in cold water. 
3. Don't dry the leotard in the dryer!
Lightly pressing out a leotard by hands (without twisting), wrap in a clean dry white towel to absorb moisture. 
4. Hang in shady place on a hanger to dry.

By following these simple instructions, you can save the original appearance and bright colors of your leotard for a long time.

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