Freestanding uneven bars 'Club'

  • Brand: s

Uneven bars stand-alone for training. Width from 130 to 205 cm.

  • for training
  • complies with official dimensions
  • one rail can be replaced by a horizontal bar
  • floor frame 253 x 150 cm
  • width adjustable from 130 to 205 cm, measured diagonally
  • including assembly instructions
  • Delivery: unassembled in a wooden crate 255x132x36 cm. If this does not fit through the door, it will be delivered outside. Total weight 306 kg.


  • Stand-alone without tensioning
  • Quickly adjustable
  • Smoothly adjustable width, per 5 cm
  • With built-in castors
  • Can also be used with tensioning cables (optional)